About Big Show

This Dj & Producer From Israel Feel’s The Music As An Indispensable Part Of His Life.
Beginning In The Late 90’s Igor Started Interest Him Self With All Kind Of Electronic
Music Which Influenced By Many Genres And Producers Around The World.
After Acquiring His Knowledge At The BPM College For Music And Sound,
Which Enabled Him To Achieve His Own Style.
“Big Show” – This Project Was Born After He Ended His Studies With Honor as combination of
various Mood Situations. One Can Find “Big Show’s” Style To Be Of The Techno Minimal
Kind And Another Will Immediately Take Notice And Find “Big Show” As A Project That
Contains The Most Melodic Sounds Of The Progressive Tech Style.
Currently Igor Finished His Debut Album With A New Project Called “Constant I”
Which Will Be Out Soon. The Album Contains A Deep Low Techno That Embraces the
Dancer With Feel Of Flying And Imagining A New World.
In The Last Year Igor Opened A Label Called “Friday Lights” To Promote Young Artist
As Well As Existing Artist. Our Aim Is To release & promote a wide range of Techno
Genres And To Provide A Home Base For Bright, Innovative, Well Established And Influential
Artists Alongside Brilliant New Talents Which Will Impact Today & Tomorrow’s Global Club Scene.

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